Related to the Legallity of News Portal
1. What is a News Website Or News Portal ?
Ans:  An online newspaper is the online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical. Going online created more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast journalism in presenting breaking news in a more timely manner.

Are news portals and news websites are recognized by law in India ?
Ans: Yes, News portals and news websites are legally recognized in India. Central Government and other State Government of India have started to designate the preferential journalist by accrediting these news portal and they also have been brought under the grants of Government Advertisements. Still the process of registration is still under consideration. hence there exists a situation of doubt in this regard.
If a news portal is legally recognized then what are the other norms under which news portals or news websites are registered?
Ans: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has prepared the criterion and guidelines to list the agencies and affix the rates of the advertisements to be granted to the websites, So that there could be effective online presence of government.
The terms are
Advertisements will be granted to only those web-media and news portals
Which are continuously operating online from last three years.
Whose rates have been prescribed by the DAVP Central Government of India
Which are registered with Public Relations Department
To apply for Accredited Advertiser website/portal has to get registered with Directorate of Public Relation and Information.
For distribution of advertisements the web media will be classified in three categories.
Government Advertisements will be allotted to only those portals and websites who are getting minimum of 2.5 lakh page hits.
To calculate page hits the records of past six months will be checked and examined.
Only those records will be accepted, which have been generated by the Web Traffic Monitoring Company based in India.

How to register the news website and news portals?
Ans: To register a news portal and news website one has to obtain permissions from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ( MIB) and Local Public Relations Office.

Is there any special policy of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ( MIB) to promote digital media ?

Ans: Yes! On July 1st, 2017 Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi had launched Digital India and in this sequence government has started to accept media in its digital form and soon the registration process of this is going to start.

Is portal is affiliated to RNI? Ans: No, for registrations of newspapers, magazines etc. Government of India has instructed a department knows as Registrars of Newspapers and it has no connection with digital media.

Is it necessary to buy the title of newspaper to operate a news portal?
Ans: No, RNI only allows publishing the newspapers, magazines, tabloids etc. and it has no connection to digital media or web portal.
Related to the earnings through News Portals

How to earn with news portal?
Ans: There are several ways through which one can earn with web portals, and if you ready to work hard then success is surely yours. You can get more information through the below link.
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Is it legal to earn through news portal ? Ans: Yes, it is. Even world’s biggest search engine Google, advertises on news portals, blogs. Websites etc.

How long Google takes to advertise on a website ? Ans: Google has its own terms and conditions for providing advertisements on news portal. Generally it advertises after 6 months and on specified number of page hits per months.
What are terms and conditions for obtaining advertisements from Google ?
Ans: For More information kindly visit below links https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6242051?hl=hi
How can we earn apart from Google advertisement revenues ?

Ans: One can earn through commission junction, private advertisements etc. For more details visit the link below. |  http://enewsportals.com/?p=257

Related to News Portal Development

How to get a news portal developed?

Ans: “enewsportal.com” is a product of the SANS Technologies, a prestigious company of central India. We are one of the foremost companies of India to code and develop a news portal. You can get developed your news portal through us.
What are the expenses in developing a news portal ?
Ans: To know more about the expenses on developing a news portal kindly check the following link. http://enewsportals.com/?page_id=89

What is the process to get developed a news portal ? Ans: Once the KYC is done under the KYC process implemented by the concern and the 50% of the amount is remitted with the company, the news portal development process is started .

Who will be the owner of the domain ? Ans: Whosoever has KYC fulfilled, the domain will be booked under that person’s ownership.

Are portal development charges taxable? Ans: Yes, the all the taxes as validated by the government of India will be applicable to portal development cost.
What documents are required for the development of a portal ? Ans: The documents required are Adhaar Card and a recent passport size photograph.
Regarding the Operating and Maintenance of News Portals

How to manage and operate a news portal? Ans: To operate and manage the news portal SANS Technologies will be providing full training. The training is also provided through offline and online video tutorials.
How to post news on the portal? Ans: To post news on portal kindly visit the following link. The whole information is provided in the below link

How to post the advertisements in the news portal ? Ans: To post advertisements in the news portal kindly visit the following link

Can we make a different User ID for our correspondents on the news portal? Ans: Yes you can make different User ID for the every correspondent as a contributor to the portal.
संवाददाताओं की अलग से यूजर आई डी कैसे बनाई जा सकती हैं?
उत्तर: जितने संवाददाताओं हैं उन्हे contributor बना कर अलग से यूजर आई डी बनाई जा सकती हैं|
( repeat question )
How to add a new page to the portal? Ans: After logging into Admin panel of news portal, you can add new page by, clicking on the option Add New Page in the post section.
How to add categories in the news portal ? Ans: After logging into Admin panel one can add categories by, clicking on the option of New Categories in Categories in post section.
How can one see the filled in information of the contact or feedback form in the portal? Ans: Login to Admin Panel and check WP Dev Art option in the menu. From there you can see the filled in information in various forms.
How to retrieve the reports on number of page views or page hits on the portal ? Ans: Login to Admin Panel and in the Menu click on the option Visitor Traffic. There you can see various information on the page views and page hits on the portal.
How to add images in the portal? Ans: Login to Admin Panel and click on the Add Media option in the Menu to add images, videos, and other visual media.

How to format the news write-up? Ans: In the Add Post there is a Visual Text editor. That can be used to format the text on the news.

How to add a team to the portal? Ans: Team can be added according to the role and responsibilities. One can also assign an ID, to every role player.
How to increase the reach of the portal? Ans: By sharing the news more and more and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can increase the reach of news portal.

Can we issue portal press card? Ans: Yes you can, but you have to write Web Journalist on that portal card.

How to obtain better alexa Rank
Ans: Using SEO one can get better alexa ranking.

What will be the rate of advertisements? The advertisement rates are entirely decided by the web portal owner or manager.
How to open a news portal bank account? To open an news portal bank account you have to register news portal as proprietor firm or partnership firm and get a gumashta license from Municipal Corporation, Then you can open a bank account in any bank.

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