Our Features Include: 

  1. Responsive UI Compatible with all devices: Mobile, Tablets & Desktops
  2. Multilanguage Support SANS’s News Portal can support multiple languages to your news portals.
  3. CMS User controls can be managed according to the client requirements, customizable user roles.
  4. Unlimited members and editors Site admin can create new users groups, users and can assign privileges.
  5. Advertisement Panel: Site admin can post unlimited Advertisements and get revenue from a portal.
  6. Blogs Logged user can view and create the blogs from the web portal and have the privilege to share the same.
  7. RSS Feeds RSS feeds help the user to know what all the information that is beginning updated. The information can be shared to the user by clicking on the link. Back end users can manage the feeds in the news portal.
  8. Photo Galleries Back end users can manage the photos and front end users can View, Share & Print the pictures.
  9. Tags, Tag Search Backend users can manage the tags.
  10. Share, Print & Rate option for articles Users can Share, Print & Rate the articles
  11. Widgets Based on the requirement we’ll integrate the widgets like Polls, Cricket, Weather, etc.
  12. SEO Friendly Portal SANS will design Search Engine friendly News Portals.
  13. Rich web Analytics Site admin can view the web analytics
  14. Ads Management Portal admin can manage Google & any other 3rd party ads
  15. Video Gallery with YouTube Embedding SANS provides a video gallery section and can embed YouTube videos
  16. Customizable Templates SANS will provide Drag & Drop feature, through which admin can customize their templates
  17. User Comments Logged users can post their comments to the articles in the web portal.
  18. Web Services We’ll provide web services for native apps.
  19. Support System: SANS Provide Technical maintenance and Support 24 x 7x 365 Days