SANS has developed news portal for varied clients in the last few years. We develop news portals in such a way that our clients find it flexible. Our professionals incorporate easy-to-use content management in order to minimize administrator involvement and cost. Besides, we add graphics, content creation and publication controls into one turn-key Portal for our client’s convenience.
Our technocrats integrate versatile content management tools on the news portals so that the clients can publish various content such as online newspapers, press releases, reports, dissertations and many more. We also ensure that these news portals require low operational cost. Our clients have also greatly acknowledged us as they can publish and manage different online news content quickly and easily.
You can publish a story on these portals featuring photographs along with author, byline, brief, and publication information. These enable unlimited number of dynamic news sections and upload related web links and descriptions with a story. Furthermore, clients find these very simple. We also provide our clients with a dynamic front page and section page publication presentation controls. Moreover, a viewer can rate and review the content with the rating and reviews Portal. Our clients can also further restrict viewing to authorized users/subscribers only using the restricted content viewing Portal.