As Such, there is no any legal formalities for starting news portals in India, but by default, if you are starting news sites means you have to follow the rules of Press Regularity Act, PIB Guidelines etc. 

Here with this base, we are providing some information, if you want more details then follow the websites of RNI and Press Information Bureau.

Web News Media

  1. Balance Sheet to show revenue of the web news portal in the last financial year.
  2. Domain Name Registration Certificate/ Domain name registration confirmation letter (Showing date till which the site name is registered) from the hosting company.
  3. Relevant page view documents certified by the Head of the company and hosting company and also give the URL address to check the page view data online.
  4. Statement by Editor and details of original news content.
  5. List of news subscribers.
  6. Proof of site updating at least six times a day.