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1.) A news site/portal means a website which has at least 1/4th of its visible content related to news & current affairs originally reported by its own correspondents.
2.) The news site or blog should have been functioning for at least one year.
3.) The domain name of the site should be registered for at least the next 2 years from the date of application.
4.) The domain or blog name should be different to registered newspapers, magazines, TV, FM, news agencies & MCA registered companies. We cannot use the similar name by any means.
5.) Online news agencies will be governed as per the existing rules prescribed for news agencies in India. 6.) The site should be updated regularly and at least 4-5 times daily.
7.) The Portal, Blog and News Agency must be governed by 100% domestic fund.
8.) The Portal, Blog and News Agency should be appointed minimum two authors or reporters within one month of registration.

Enewsportals is the digital News publishing solution to publish the latest feeds of entire world. The enewsportals is published on the Internet and compliments the print and website. It allows readers to access the publication easily and also doubles as the archive of the printed edition.

There is two solutions for Digital Media House, One is Epaper Solution, in this product SANS publishes the E-edition of printed magazines, News papers on the web. The browsing experience is similar to reading a print magazine because of the flip page functionality. The text to speech, search, save clippings, share and download magazine are additional options available to readers And another is web news channel where the person get their digital identity and publish their news and get advertisements and earning also.

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